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Beauty Lighting Master Class for Editorial & Advertising with Leica S Photographer Rui Faria

September 28 @ 9:00 am - September 29 @ 6:00 pm

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Do you want to know what it is like to work on a magazine photography assignment from start to finish?  In this workshop, London-based Leica S beauty photographer Rui Faria (founder of the iconic British Fashion magazine VOLT) will recreate a professional editorial beauty shoot in a studio environment with a model and a hair & makeup artist. 

You may register for either of the two days for or sign up for both and receive a discount. 

Day 1  Beauty Lighting for Editorial & Advertising – Saturday, September 28, 2019 9am-6pm

Upon arrival in the studio, set up lights. Brief the hair and make up team.

1st set up: Beauty shot for advertising, and editorial. 1x single key light consisting of a large umbrella at a 45 degree angle. (also known as Avedon light) background to fall into a dark grey.

 2nd set up: Beauty shot using diffused lighting. 1 x Large Octa (soft box) on a boom slightly above the model, 2 heads with umbrellas to light the background to achieve a white background.  Black flags on either side of the model to give it shape, another black flag above the lens to prevent any flare onto the lens.  Each student will have 15-20 minutes of shooting time with the model.

Day 2 Conceptual Beauty Lighting for Editorial & Advertising – Sunday September 29, 2019 9am-6pm

Upon arrival in the studio, set up lights. Brief the hair and makeup team.

1st set up: Macro/close up photography, focusing on the eyes, and lips. A beauty dish with a grid on a boom slightly above the model aiming directly at her. This will be shot using a macro lens. A large umbrella behind the camera to fill in.  Black flags on either side of the model to give it shape. Students will also have the opportunity to shoot for 15-20 minutes.

2nd set up: Editorial shoot using colour gels and long exposure to achieve dramatic and beautiful images. A strip soft box overhead the model (key light) a large Octa behind the camera to fill in. 1 head on a C-Stand with a grid and gel. 2 heads with gels and umbrellas to light the background. We will experiment with mirrors and other reflective materials

Working schedule for each day:

9am: Arrival

9:10- 9:15 hair & make up brief.

9:15 – 10:30 setting up & light test

11am -1pm shoot

1pm- 2pm lunch break.

2pm: -2:30 make up touch up

2:30: – 5:30 shoot

5:30: – 6pm break set, and pack equipment.

 Instructor Rui Faria will cover the following:

-Setting up the lights, background, and getting ready for the shoot.

-Lighting for macro (close up) beauty, (lips, eyes, fingers, etc,)

-Lighting for jewellery/beauty

-Using soft diffused lighting (umbrellas, soft boxes, daylight, Kinos)

-Using sharp lighting (beauty dishes, reflectors with grids, fresnels, HMI) to achieve a dramatic and powerful image.

-Using coloured gels, & mirrors to great effect.

-Long exposures to capture and freeze “blurred” effects.

-How to properly light a white back ground.

-How to achieve a perfect black background by using Velvet

-How to use flags, nets, and polly boards to great effect.

-Choosing the right lens

-Discussing how much to retouch

-How to expose properly a model with dark skin wearing light/bright clothing.

-Discussing layouts

-Working with a professional team

-Shooting film (analogue Vs Digital)

-The importance of composition & the cropping of the image

-Portfolio presentation, to to include what to leave out.

-Website design.


Required Skill Level:

Students must be familiar how to shoot in manual model.  This workshop is ideal for people with some basic knowledge of lighting.

Instructor Bio: 

Founder of the iconic British Fashion Magazine Volt and a leading beauty photographer, Rui is currently based in London where he lives and works. He is renowned for his technical prowess & originality of image. Educated at the prestigious Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston as well as the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.  Rui is a Leica S Photographer.

Clients include: Cartier | Chanel | SUQQU Cosmetics | Jo Loves (by Jo Malone) | Vogue Italia | Vogue Taiwan | Vogue Brazil | Glass Magazine | Piaget | Fabergé | Volt Magazine | S Moda | Elle Germany | Glamour Germany | S Magazine | The Guardian | Numéro (Russia) | Mirror Mirror Magazine | Wylde Magazine | Make Magazine | L’officiel | Lipcote | Harrods | M&S | Urban Retreat |


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