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Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument Photography Expedition with Bob Killen and NPPE

April 23 - April 28
UT United States

Samy’s Photo school is proud to partner with National Park Photographic Expeditions to provide our students with exceptional Landscape Master Class Workshops in our nation’s most scenic national parks. Bob Killen and his staff of national park Artist-in-Residence instructors will help you access intuitive, reflective ways of working that will lead you to create great landscape images. These classes provide hands-on, mentored learning in the field and ample classroom time with your instructor to teach you a capture to post-production workflow (end to creative end workflow) using Lightroom and Photoshop

To Register: http://www.nppemasterclass.com/product/grand-staircase-escalante-samys/

Glowing walls of the Antelope Slot Canyon, Page, Arizona

Our National Park Photography Expeditions workshops include all local travel, instructor tuition, post-production classroom, course materials, post-class online support and meals in the field. All you need to do is arrive with your camera and laptop, and away you go to some of the most incredible photographic sites and professional hands-on training anywhere.

In the Grand Staircase-Escalante you will gain a new, and intimate awareness of the geological forces that depict the immensity and intimacy of time. This master class will emphasize workflows and capture techniques to escape the literal and to capture and create images with visions that exceed documentation and narration. We will create visual navigation; images that allow your viewers to exceed story and discover their own emotional range. The range of Grand Scenics, Intimate Compositions, and Sculptural Detail is breathtaking; cathedrals of stone decorated with ribbons of water; slot canyons capable of shifting light and our personal vision, and sweeping canyon overlooks that embrace light refracting from abstract entrada stonework.

We will learn to employ a workflow in capture and post to achieve a Scripture of Light and create images that navigate time with marking or marching in place.

Such diversity provides an ample training ground to Master Landscape Photography in a land that is still the first morning of creation.

Explore and Photograph: Upper Calf Creek Falls, Hells Backbone Trail, Posey Lake Road, 50-mile bench, Zebra Slot Canyon, Peek-a-Boo Gulch, Wills Creek Slot, Coyote Gulch and more.

Learn Tools and Techniques: Pre/post-Focus Point Discussions, Professional Stack Focus Techniques, Dynamic blending capture, the 5-bracket technique for dynamic range blending, Lens choice and its compositional effects, Landscape Gear and more.

Learn the Art of Landscape Photography: Learn Sky and Ground dominant compositions and the navigation and previsualization approaches for advanced visual resonance and harmony. Explore methods for selecting and managing hard and soft light landscapes, and how to maximize the value of water motion to refine structures within a desert environment. Master a workflow based upon previsualization principles that will allow you to move from the literal to the expressive for personal projects that culminate in images filled with intuitive navigation. Develop techniques to create a Visual Voice with tone, coloration, and framing.

Learn End-to-End Post-Production Workflow for Landscapes: Develop Baseline images with Lightroom, solve dynamic blending issues with Luminosity masks, advance your visual voice with five contrast and color methods in Photoshop.

*Workshop dates and basecamp locations are subject to change. Please check the website before enrolling in a workshop or contact us via phone or email.

You’ll benefit tremendously from our guidance, advice, lectures, demonstrations, and reviews, as we help take your photography to the next level.

Dates:                       April 23-28, 2019

Tuition:                     $2399
(Includes field meals, discount lodging assistance, all local ground transportation, training documentation, post-production classes, 5 hours personal online tutoring.)

Deposit:                    $500 (See terms and conditions)

Basecamp:              Prospector Inn, Escalante, Utah

Learn More:           www.nppemasterclass.com

To Register:            http://www.nppemasterclass.com/product/grand-staircase-escalante-samys/

Start: April 23
End: April 28
Address: UT United States
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